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From the white glaciers in Antarctica to the sandy beaches in the Maldives, let’s ensure you capture the best moments of your adventures.

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Pancake Ice in Antarctica

How to protect your camera gear in Antarctica?

Travelling to Antarctica or a cold destination soon?

The changeable weather in Antarctica can be a harsh environment for your camera gear, as you can imagine there is no Photography shop on board and Amazon won’t be delivering you new gear to the ship the next day, even using prime! Protecting your camera gear in Antarctica is therefore critical.

  • Spares: What to take?
  • What to watch out for on the Zodiacs?
  • Make sure to protect your camera from salt water.
  • Will cold weather affect my camera, and what precautions to take?
  • How best to store your camera gear in your ship cabin and when out and about?
  • We discuss the delicate balance between protecting your camera in a harsh environment and not missing your best shots!

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