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Antarctica Photography Tips: A Guide For Stunning Photos

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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Planning Antarctic expedition cruise

1. Research cruise lines, ships and itineraries. 2. Choose the right month to go to Antarctica.  3. Expect the unexpected: manage your expectations. 

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1. Explore to find great vantage points from the deck.  2. Speak to experts on board to discover spots to photograph birds from and learn about specific animal behaviours to look out for. 3. Chat with onboard photographer!

Once onboard the ship

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We discuss camera bodies, lenses, filters and all the things you will need to protect your camera gear in Antarctica in the article below. 

Take the right camera gear

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You will need extra batteries and extra memory cards. And always bring your phone with you - it's perfect for quick videos.

Take spares of everything you have

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Familiarise yourself with camera settings and composition techniques

We discuss:  1. Various compisition techniques.  2. Exposure compensation for photographing in snow.  3. Dealing with changing light.  4. Best ways to show sense of scale in Antarctica.  5. Capturing unique penguin behaviours.  6. Utilising bad weather                    .... and more

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