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Best Camera Settings for Photography in Antarctica

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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Camera setup - Shoot in RAW - Keep vibration control on - Set up aperture priority with Auto-ISO - Use matrix/evaluative metering mode + ... See the post for all 11 top tips

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Use matrix/evaluative metering mode

In my opinion, matrix/evaluative metering is the best option for ensuring the correct exposure across a large range of subjects.  Spot metering can be challenging, especially with black penguins and light snow which can cause the light meter to overexpose.

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A camera light meter tends to underexpose scenes with bright snow, which leads to dull grey snow. Using the exposure compensation to increase exposure helps to get the right exposure in bright snow.

Increase your exposure compensation

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Camera settings for Antarctica

Aperture Priority with Auto ISO 1. Activate aperture priority 2. Adjust the aperture depending on the scene and composition 3. Set the minimum shutter speed 4. Set maximum ISO

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- Practice - Have your camera ready at all times - Get down at eye level with wildlife such as penguins - Think about composition and shots that are pleasing to the eye

Other top tips

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