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Best Prime Lens For The Nikon D7200

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Prime lens benefits

- Wide apertures let in lots of light to the sensor. - More light to the sensor allows for faster shutter speeds with lower ISO. - Best-in-class image quality and sharpness.  - Low levels of chromatic aberration.

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- Fixed focal length can limit flexibility.  - Focal lengths of 85mm or below typically don't come with Vibration Reduction (VR) - Longer focal lengths and wider aperture prime lenses come at a significant cost, while also increasing size and weight.

Prime lens limitations

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- Subject isolation, how? - Aperture, how wide is too wide? - Maintain shutter speed - Focal point location accuracy - Capture action with fast shutter speed - Adjust your composition with your feet

Prime lens usage

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Which prime lens is best for your genre of photography?

- Travel - Astrophotography - Indoor and low-light - Street photography - Wildlife / Sports / Action - Professional sports/news/ wildlife See the link to the full article below

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