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Is a Crop Sensor or Full Frame Sensor Camera Best For You?

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Crop or full frame sensor?

If you’re looking to learn more about the differences to help you decide between a crop sensor vs. a full frame sensor then this is the perfect article for you.

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Two main sensor characteristics: - Sensor size: Full frame, crop, Micro Four Thirds etc. - Sensor resolution: This is the number of pixels which are packed within the sensor, usually reported in megapixels.

The camera sensor – why is it important?

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- Cheaper camera body at smaller size - Allows for cheaper, smaller & lighter lenses. - Enables increased reach due to crop factor Can be used with most full-frame compatible lenses. 

Crop sensor benefits

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- Improved dynamic range  - Help reduce noise, especially in low-light situations. - Better quality images at high ISO

Full frame sensor benefits

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Read the full article to find out which sensor is best for:

Read the full article to find out which sensor is best for: - Indoor/ Low light situations - Night / Astrophotography - Landscape - Travel - Street - Hiking/landscape - Wildlife/Sports/Action

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