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Crossing The Drake Passage On The Way To Antarctica

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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If you are travelling from South America to the Antarctic Peninsula, crossing the Drake Passage can certainly test your vestibular and digestive systems! The good news is, as soon as you get the first glimpses of the frozen continent, Drake Passage will become nothing but a tiny inconvenience in your overall Antarctic Expedition experience!

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The roughest seas on the planet

The Drake Passage is a stretch of water between the Southern, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and is famous for its rough seas.  The three oceans collide into one infamous body of water that can create a washing machine-like experience for those brave enough to cross it.

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Don't forget to pack these specifically for the crossing: - Warm clothes: it is a lot colder on deck than it will be on your hikes in Antarctica.  - Binoculars: for the amazing seabird and whale watching.  - Camera Gear: you will have plenty of time to capture open waters and wilflife during the crossing. 

Preparing for the crossing

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Dealing with seasickness

Head to the article to learn how we managed to alleviate the motion sickness symptomes and make the best of our time crossing the infamous Drake Passage. - Seasickness medication.  - Holistic ways to help yourself.  - Staying low down and in the centre of the ship.  - Horizon is your friend.

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On our Hurtigruten expedition aboard MS Fridtjof Nansen, we had a packed programme: - Educational lectures - Workshops: including photography, navigation and scientific experiments.  - Library and board game corner.  - Seabird and whale watching.  - Gym, sauna and spa.

You won't be bored at sea

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