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Jougla Point: Gentoo Penguins and Remains Of Whaling Past

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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As you explore Jougla Point in Antarctica, your lens will be working overtime capturing all the breathtaking moments—gentoo penguins waddling gracefully on the rocky shore, ancient whale bones bearing witness to human activity in the area, and elusive minke whales breaching the surface in a majestic display.

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Landing on Jougla Point

Typically, the area of boulders and rocks at the North East coast of the Point is used. However, smaller boats sometimes enter on the Western beach or Alice Creek. Once on land, you’ll encounter the solemn presence of whale bones strewn across the landscape, marking the very spots where these magnificent creatures were once hauled ashore for processing during the whaling era.

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Jougla Point’s origin traces back to its discovery by the French Antarctic Expedition of 1903–05, led by none other but Jean-Baptiste Charcot himself. Interestingly, Charcot initially regarded it as a “peninsula,” owing to its presence in the vast Antarctic expanse. The area remained relatively untouched, until…

Short History

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Our Visit To Jougla Point

What We Did: – Cruising around Jougla Point on a Zodiac boat. – Wildlife and iceberg watching with the expedition team. Notable Things We Saw: – Gentoo Penguin colonies – Remains of the whaling industry on the coast of Wiencke Island. – Impressive icebergs and glacial ice. – Minke whales.

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Penguins: Gentoo penguins dominate the landscape. Seabirds: Look out for blue-eyed shags and kelp gulls.  Whales: humpbacks and minke whales often make an appearance. Orca whales are rarer, but there's a chance of spotting them too! Seals: Weddell seals!


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