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Moel Famau For Breathtaking North Welsh Landscapes

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: North Wales, UK

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A must-visit destination in North Wales

With sunlit peaks and open meadows, Moel Famau offers a scenic haven for hiking and photography, revealing the unfiltered beauty of North Wales.

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The shortest, and in my opinion one of the best routes for photography is the route from the upper car park to Jubilee Tower.  But there are a number of signposted walking routes around Moel Famau to choose from.

Moel Famau walk

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A personal favourite time of year is towards the end of Summer and into Autumn. This is when the Heather bursts with colour as it comes into full bloom.

Seasons around Moel Famau

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The Summit & Moel Famau’s Jubilee Tower

The highlight of Moel Famau has to be the ruins of the Jubilee Tower at the summit, which can be reached along the well-known Offa’s Dyke National Trail.

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Practical Information

- Learn about car parks - Best time to visit - Weather considerations - Best camera gear to take for stunning images

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