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Orne Harbour: Continental Landing Site On Antarctic Peninsula

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Destination: ANTARCTICA

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Orne Harbour is often the only possible continental landing site on the Antarctic Peninsula for most expedition cruises – and it’s one of the most stunning locations you will visit on our 7th continent! From the grand elevated views, the majestic icebergs floating in the Errera Channel and Gerlache Strait to the most beautiful Chinstrap penguins and blue-eyed shags with piercing stare, Orne Harbour has it all!

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Landing in Orne Harbour

The landing site is a picturesque low-lying rock platform, strategically positioned about 500 meters along the southern shore from the entrance to the harbour.  As we were approaching the harbour, we knew that the views from the top would take our breath away! It was our first landing site (and the only one) on the Antarctic mainland.

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- discovered by a Belgian Antarctic expedition - named after Captain David Orne, an American sealer - focal point for Antarctic exploration and scientific research - whaling history - eco-tourism today

Short History

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Our Visit To Orne Harbour

What We Did: – Climbed to a viewing point overlooking the Errera Channel, Gerlache Strait, and Anvers and Brabant Islands. – Observed Chinstrap penguins with the ship’s ornithologist. Notable Things We Saw: – Chinstrap penguin colonies – Lots of blue-eyed shags – Weddel seals swimming in the waters near the shores.

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Weddell seals and Crabeater seals (and sometimes Antarctic Fur Seals). Minke whales and humpback whales surfacing the waters. – Large Chinstrap penguin colony nest along the rocky shore. – Lots of seabirds, including blue-eyed shags and sheathbills.


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