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Antarctic penguin photography: techniques & tips for amazing shots

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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Understanding Antarctic penguins

If you are travelling to Antractic peninsula, you are likely to see 3 types of penguins: - Gentoo - Adelie - Chinstrap

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Penguins are social animals and gather in large colonies, providing opportunities for photographers to capture interesting interactions between individuals.

Photographing unique behaviours of Antarctic Penguins

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- What camera and lenses to take - Lens compression  - Tips for Bokeh                                    and more...

Gear & settings

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- Use penguins to show scale - Spot the penguins on gravity-defying icebergs - Photograph penguins on their nests

Consider composition

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Familiarise yourself with laws and guidelines

When photographing penguins in Antarctica, it is important to maintain a safe and respectful distance from the animals. Approaching too closely or interfering with their natural behaviour can cause stress and harm to the animals.

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