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Petermann Island, Antarctica: Penguins & Iceberg Graveyard

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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Situated a short distance to the south of the Lemaire Channel, Petermann Island emerges as a rocky and partly glaciated expanse renowned for its colonies of Adélie and Gentoo penguins, abundant seabird populations, and a captivating resting place for icebergs.

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Landing on Petermann Island

The possibility of landing on Petermann Island can depend on a range of factors. They include the condition of the sea ice, the state of onshore snow, tidal influences, overall weather conditions and more.  However, if conditions allow, you will be landing along the rocky coastline of Port Circumcision.

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The name “Port Circumcision” itself holds a historical significance, going back to the Belgian Antarctic Expedition of 1897-1899 led by Adrien de Gerlache. The name reflects the expedition’s Catholic roots and their arrival on the island during the Feast of the Circumcision.

Port Curcumcision

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Iceberg graveyard

The area is extremely visually striking and is a perfect location for photographers and tourists interested in witnessing the unique and temporary formations created by the convergence of icebergs.

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Penguins: Adélie and Gentoo penguins dominate the landscape. Seabirds: Keep an eye out for blue-eyed shags as well as skuas.  Whales: humpbacks and minke whales. Seals: Weddell seals and elephant seals.


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