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Photographing Antarctic Birds (Even Without An Expensive Lens)

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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A Variety of Antarctic Sea Birds

- Snow Petrels - Antarctic Petrels - Albatroses - Antractic Terns - Skuas - Antarctic Shags

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Best camera for Antarctic bird photography

Cheaper crop sensor cameras can come into their own for bird photography. This is mainly due to the crop factor providing 1.5-1.6x additional reach, this can enable smaller, cheaper lenses to be used in comparison to achieving the equivalent focal length with a full-frame camera and lens combination.

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For bird photography long focal lengths are required, unless you’re right up close to a bird, which is rarely the case, except for maybe Sheathbills and of course Penguins! Ideally, focal lengths of 300-400mm or higher will give the required reach for filling the frame.

Best lenses for bird photography

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Best Location On The Ship For Spotting Birds

Head to the aft (back) of the ship and look behind and down each side and you’ll see birds gliding, swooping and circling around the ship.

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