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Photography On A Cruise Ship

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Topic: Photography on a cruise ship

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Cameras with good low-light capability would give benefit both indoor shots and sunrise/sunset. A lightweight camera body can keep the total weight of your gear down. This increases the chances of you wanting to take it with you

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Wide Angle Lens

Due to the scale of cruise ships, it can be challenging to capture the full scene without a wide-angle lens.

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If you're concerned about carrying a lot of gear with you around the ship, due to the size and weight, having a zoom lens with a wide focal range is a great option. 

Zoom Lens

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From an image perspective, these are the perfect lenses for portraits.  The wide aperture allows for a shallow depth of field

Prime Lens

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Bring A Tripod?

For shots at night or timelapse photography, a tripod can come in handy. A long exposure shot from the back of the ship while at sea. This was shot with a tripod and a 2-second timer prior to a 10-second shutter speed.

Explore The Ship

Firstly, take the time to explore, most certainly if you're on a large vessel. A great reason for exploring the ship early on is to scope out nice spots which can be enjoyed throughout the cruise and also work well for photography. It also pays to do your research for your ship!

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We like to venture out early when the ship is still mostly asleep!  Outside, sunrise and sunset are great times to be out on deck. Depending on the location of your cruise, sunrise times may not be at sociable hours!

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