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Port Lockroy, Goudier Island: History and Penguin Post Office

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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A visit to Port Lockroy is not merely a journey to a remote location. It’s an immersion into a story of exploration, conservation, and the spirit of those who have ventured to the ends of the Earth. Join us on our visit to this stunning Antarctic destination!

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Landing at Port Lockroy

Goudier Island offers two designated landing sites for visitors. The primary landing location, situated on the island’s western edge near the historic whalers’ mooring chains, serves as the most frequently used entry point. In instances where this area is inaccessible, there is an alternative landing site. It is positioned on the northern side of Goudier Island, opposite the boat shed.

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From Operation Tabarin to British Antractic Survey to the dark past of the whaling industry, Port Lockroy has a very rich and interesting history. 

Short History

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What Is There To Do At Port Lockroy?

- Penguin Post Office & Museum - Observing penguin behaviours - Incredible landscape photography opportunities - Cruising on Zodiac boats...                                          and more

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Penguins: Gentoo penguins dominate the landscape. Seabirds: Look out for blue-eyed shags, snow petrels and Antarctic Terns. Whales: humpbacks and minke whales often make an appearance. Seals: Weddell seals and Leopard Seals may be spotted.


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