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10 Things  To Take To Antarctica

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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Besides warm clothes, like waterproof pants, a windproof outer layer, warm socks and a hat, what are the essential 10 things to take to Antarctica to enable you to best experience the seventh continent?

NO 1: Suitable Camera Gear

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NO 2: A Notebook

Adding a notebook and pen to your Antarctica packing list might just be the best thing you do. In the midst of workshops and lectures offered by expedition companies, you’ll find yourself immersed in an educational haven. Jotting down insights and fascinating facts becomes a habit, ensuring you retain the wealth of knowledge shared.

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Even if you never experienced motion sickness before, our best advice is to pack some seasickness medicine. Truth be told, it is a good idea to take a few different things with you on an Antarctic cruise. What works on ordinary rough seas, may not work on the infamous Drake passage.

NO 3: Seasickness medicine

NO 4: Sunglasses

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NO 5: Suncream/ sunblock

Sun protection is extremely important on the frozen continent. Even on an overcast day, we got tanned! The ozone layer is thin and you are likely to spend your entire time on shore excursions (a.k.a landings) and on the deck of the expedition ships. So pack lots of SPF 50.

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Each item will add depth and comfort to the journey of a lifetime, ensuring you embrace and capture the essence of the extraordinary Antarctic landscapes.

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