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Tips for Stunning Landscape Photography in Antarctica

By: Capturing Travel

Destination: ANTARCTICA

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How to capture the landscapes of Antarctica As you can imagine, the pristine environment of Antarctica has no shortage of impressive scenes.  However, transforming these impressive scenes into images which are pleasing to the eye can be harder than you think.

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Gear for Antarctica landscape photography

Camera body The best camera for landscape photography in Antarctica is the one that you have, and that you feel comfortable using.  The light is typically fairly good in Antarctica and without the need to capture fast-moving objects, there isn’t a requirement for a top-of-the-range camera.

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Lens choice is more important than your camera body selection. I found that flexibility is especially critical.  This is because many of your shots are taken from a moving zodiac or ship where scenes and therefore compositions change quickly.

Lens choice

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Locations for Antarctica landscape photography

See the post for top tips on shooting - From the ship - During landings - During cruising

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Framing can be a challenge in Antarctica, but if you come across suitable icebergs or rocky outcrops these can sometimes be incorporated effectively as a frame.


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