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Travel Photography Gear For Beginners

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Gear:For beginners

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Designing equipment list for your travel photography needs

Travel photographers can encounter various subjects and situations, depending on their destination and interests - Landscapes and nature - Architecture and urban scenes - People and culture - Wildlife and animals

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A wide-angle lens to capture the vastness and depth of the scene. Tripod to stabilize the camera and enable long exposures Polarising filter to reduce glare and enhance colours

Landscapes and nature:

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Key considerations - Cost - Airline luggage restrictions. - Ability to carry the gear around all day long

Considering the size and weight of your gear

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DSLR vs. Mirrorless If you have an unlimited budget, a high-end mirrorless camera will likely be the way to go.  The reduced size, weight and modern features are hard to beat with a DSLR, making them highly suited to travel photography. 

Best travel photography gear

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- Focus - Battery life - Lens choice - Sensor cleaning See the article for lens recommendations

DSLR vs Mirrorless 

Considerations continued...

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Neutral Density (ND) filters block light to enable shower shutter speeds for long exposure photography A Circular Polariser can be used to cut down reflections and also glare which in turn increases saturation.

ND and Polarising Filters

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