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What To Wear In Antarctica (Photographer’s Perspective)

By: Capturing Travel


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It’s all about the layers

This gives you the flexibility to add and remove layers where needed depending on the conditions and your activity level. 

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Outer Layer

Most expedition and cruise ships provide you with a waterproof and windproof jacket. If you are bringing your own, make sure it's waterproof and slightly bigger than usual. You want to fit all the layers and possibly your camera under it to protect it from splash or rain.

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Thermal base layers will help regulate your body temperature, wick away moisture, and provide insulation. Look for base layers made of high-quality, moisture-wicking materials, like merino wool.

Base layer

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Waterproof trousers

Look for trousers with zippered pockets to store your camera equipment, memory cards, and other accessories.


- Warm hat - Snood vs scarf? - Warm mittens or     fingerless gloves? .

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Gloves are one of the most frequent items lost on Antarctic expeditions.  A great solution is to have elasticated loops built into your gloves to put around your wrists. 

Gloves on strings

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If you wear prescription glasses, we would highly recommend getting prescription sunglasses, ideally polarised. We constantly found ourselves using the "stacked glasses" approach.

Glasses vs Sunglasses

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